We make sure your bits and bytes move at light speed.

Allow Technology To Drive Business Growth, Not Hamper It.

Our superior data center design and critical system's infrastructure allows our customers to rest assured of continual up time. We pride ourselves on being an integral extension of our customers' operations and can quickly scale with a customized solution to support changing needs.

We're proud to host our applications on Multi-Homed, Gigabit, Secure network and servers in Dallas, Tx.
Enterprise Connectivity
All of our connections are kept at a low utilization to allow high bursting and resistance to denial of service (DoS) attacks.
Smart Routing & Proactive Management
The network makes use of InterNAP Flow Control Platform (FCP) intelligent BGP to provide smart routing across the global internet. FCP adaptive networking software provides adaptive management for network infrastructure.
Gigabit Connectivity to Multiple Carriers
Our datacenters all feature multiple gigabits of connectivity to multiple "Tier 1" backbones to handle even the most demanding needs. We currently connect with Telia, Level 3, Cogent, Suddenlink, and NTT.
True Redundancy
Built-in redundancy through multiple redundant network connections, redundant routers, server clustering and failover.
A + B Power
With A+B power you have 2 power feeds fed by 2 separate UPSs (battery backup), 2 separate generators, and 2 separate utility feeds. We use the A+B feeds for all equipment — network switches, compute nodes, and storage nodes.
Disaster Recovery
You can have the fastest networks with redundant power and still not be totally protected without a plan for when hard drives fail, data gets corrupted or in the rare case succumb to a malware, ransomware or human error issue. Our backups are stored safely on dedicated backup storage nodes. Restoring backups is instantaneous and dramatically reduces our exposure to an outage event.