Easy Manage Professional

Empower your in-store merchandising teams with ONE consolidated platform.

Easy Manage Professional

Seamless Retail Execution Platform

Easy Manage Professional fuses retail execution, collaboration, and workforce management into a single framework and can be executed from anywhere you are. Easy Manage Professional bridges the gap between local and remote sales and merchandising teams. Now, core functions such as scheduling, task management, communication, ordering, and time tracking are handled seamlessly and intelligently allowing work to flow easily and teams to work efficiently.


Easy Manage Professional provides a full suite of real-time retail tasking, merchandising, and scheduling tools. Tasks and projects can be set as one-time or recurring and can be cloned to simplify planning at every stage.


Regions, territories, teams, schedules, and projects can all be managed in Easy Manage. Configurable roles and permissions ensure that the right staff has access to exactly what they need.


File sharing and chat make the process of keeping everyone on the same page a non-issue. Advanced connection access takes collaboration further and unites extended retail workforces.


"You cannot manage what you don't measure." "If you cannot measure it, you can not improve it." - Peter Drucker & Antoine Augustin Cournot, respectively.

Easy Manage Professional has a robust reporting engine that lets management generate immediate insight into the past performance history of products and work performed. Thus, helping to predict future trends in the store and with employees.



Easy-to-Use, flexible and accessible. Easy Manage Professional is available on web, tablet and mobile platforms.

Field Execution

We understand that process and workflow is critical to the success of any retail field merchandising business. Easy Manage Professional uses a simple and unique approach to helping personnel in the field with our step-through process. Each step is called a "widget" and widgets can be grouped together at the customer level into surveys. Widgets can be arrival and departure photos, questionaires, service performed, just to name a few.

Field Ordering

Whether you want to order open-stock inventory items or view and order directly from a plan-o-gram, Easy Manage Professional can fully customize your experience and build unique schematics as needed for each customer ordering experience. Our simple, but effective, tap-on, tap-off method makes it very simple for even the most novice user. This eliminates mistakes made in the field and increases productivity.

Route Planning

Merchandiser's routes can be created to automatically track mileage based on selected customers.

Inventory Management

Sync vendor inventory automatically so your field personnel have the latest, most up-to-date data at their fingertips.


All actions within the system are logged to provide transparency and tracking.


Surveys, photo verification, item management, and mileage tracking reduce the hours spent on administrative tasks. As a result, in-store teams simply get more done.


Check the status of product promotions and services in real-time dashboards. Share training documents and communicate directly with in-store teams or partners all without email. Scheduling, task management, and communications are handled seamlessly and intelligently.


Collaborate with vendor teams. Schedule work and track work completed across your teams, third-party labor providers, and vendors in one system.


Share training documents and communicate directly with in-store teams or partners all without email.


Easy Manage reporting tools are extensive and allow for real-time detailed tracking and monitoring of work performed and what got missed. This allows for higher field efficiency and customer execution.

White Label

We know that branding is important and presenting a unified solution that matches your company culture is essential. Because of that understanding you can branding our web and mobile applications with your company logo and contact information.

Digital Transformation

Our approach to retail execution is to be flexible, simple, and thorough. We integrate many critical business systems ranging from payroll to ERP software. By working alongside your technology stack, we eliminate disconnected systems and stale data. With our system framework, you'll find a retail workforce and execution provider that increases the value of the systems you already have.

"Every successful organization has to make the transition from a world defined primarily by repetition to one primarily defined by change. This is the biggest transformation in the structure of how humans work together since the Agricultural Revolution."

by Bill Drayton

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